Orecchiette with turnip greens


  • 320 gr Orecchiette pasta
  • 600 gr di cime di rapa
  • 1 Tablespoon of Oil
  • Garlic
  • Chili pepper, how desired
  • Salt, how desired
25 minutes
4 peple

Orecchiette with turnip greens are a classic recipe belonging to the traditional cuisine of Apulia. This dish was born in Bari, and spread quickly throughout the region: nowadays it is likely to be first that comes to the mind of an Italian when thinking about Apulia’s cuisine.
Rich in taste and with the flavours of this stunning region, this dish has ancient origins, indeed it is likely that orecchiette were already spread in the century XII. Turnip greens are typical condiment of the South of Italy: they have a peculiar flavour, slightly bitter and spicy, that makes them a perfect pair for pasta.


  1. Take a medium pot, fill it with water and once it’s boiling add salt and the Orecchiette. Let the pasta cook for the time written on the label.
  2. While the Orecchiette are cooking, wash and clean the turnip greens, removing the hardest stems and the thickest and biggest leaves.
  3. Take a pan and make the turnip green cook with a spoon of oil and as much as you wish of garlic, salt and chili pepper.
  4. Once the Orecchiette are ready, drain them and cook them with the turnip green in the pan for a couple of minutes.
  5. Last but not least, serve your Orecchiette with turnip greens making sure that the dish is still hot!
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