Carciofi alla brace

Grilled artichokes

in olive oil

Atlante grilled artichokes are produced with finely selected artichokes, blanched in water with wine vinegar and salt, quickly grilled and finally preserved in olive oil with fresh herbs. This product is prepared according to ancient Mediterranean recipes and it is able to bring to the table the flavours of the Italian tradition and all the taste of the best quality artichokes.

Food pairing

Grilled artichokes are a great option for a vegetarian appetizer or a tasty side dish. They can be paired with a selection of your favorite grilled vegetables, but they are also perfect for pairing with grilled meats.


Artichokes 49%, olive oil 40%, wine vinegar, salt, parsley, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Did you know

Differently from what is commonly believed, artichoke is a bud and not a fruit, in fact when it grows it becomes a blue flower.  Artichokes are very appreciated for their depurative and toning properties and they are rich in beneficial qualities for the organism.  For this reason, they are widely used in Italian cooking tradition, but they are also used as medicinal plants in herbal medicine.

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