Pomodori essiccati

Sun-dried tomatos

in olive oil

Atlante sun-dried tomatoes are produced with tomatoes harvested at the full ripening stage, during the months of July and August. Tomatoes are then sprinkled with salt and sun dried, according to the traditional drying process. Then, after being seasoned with salt, garlic, parsley, hot pepper and capers, they are preserved in olive oil.

Food pairing

Atlante sun-dried tomatoes are perfect as an appetizer, also served with your favourite vegetables. They are also great to give an irresistible taste to fresh salads and to enrich a dish of pasta. For a tasty and nutritious recipe, try them with Atlante maize spaghetti, a pasta format perfect for capturing the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes.


Sun-dried tomatoes 55% (tomatoes, salt), olive oil 40%, wine vinegar, basil, oregano, chilli pepper.

Did you know

Sun-dried tomatoes are the real starting point of the history of tomatoes in Italy. In fact, as they ripen in the middle of summer, tomatoes could be dried in the sun without too much difficulty as early as in the sixteenth century. It was enough to expose them to direct sunlight for some days. For this reason, from May to September, the courtyards of southern Italy were filled with towels covered with tomatoes cut in two or four parts and exposed to the sun for some days.

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