Italian Ground Coffee

Roma Taste

65% Arabica 35% Robusta

Atlante's Roma coffee is characterized by a blend with an intense flavor. The result will be an espresso with a very balanced flavor with a scent of chocolate, dried fruit and just-baked cookies.

Food pairing

Roma coffee is perfect to be served alone, but if you need to recharge your energy, try it combined with Atlante's Napolitains extra dark chocolates. A tasty and refined match that will give you the charge you need at any time of the day.


65% Arabica, 35% Robusta

Did you know

Coffee can be used in many ways, other than as a beverage. It is possible to make a liqueur, use it to create an aroma, or add it to the dough to make cakes and cookies. Together with black pepper or brown sugar it is excellent for marinating meats, whereas mixed to olive oil it becomes a good body scrub.

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