Italian Ground Coffee

Venezia Taste

100% Arabica

Atlante's Venezia coffee is made by an aromatic blend with a slight citrus note and a scent of hazelnuts. Perfect for a sophisticated and elegant break.

Food pairing

Venezia coffee is perfect for an elegant and refined mid-day break. To give it an extra touch of charm, try it with Napolitains Ruby. The fruity taste of these chocolates will blend perfectly with the citrus notes of the coffee.


100% Arabica

Did you know

Coffee was introduced in Europe in 1600 thanks to the merchants of Venice.  After a while the Church prohibited the use of this beverage because of its energizing properties, almost magical. But the restriction did not last long and already in 1700 cafes became an occasion of meeting and social exchange for the philosophers and literates of that time.

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