Mushrooms and parmesan

Salsa tradizionale

Atlante mushroom and Parmesan sauce is a creamy sauce with a rich and tasty flavour, containing over 50% of mushrooms, specifically porcini and champignon mushrooms. It is a perfect vegetarian sauce prepared with the highest quality ingredients.

Food pairing

Mushroom and Parmesan sauce can be paired with risotto, fresh pasta, spread on toasted bread or as a base to create an excellent vegetable soup.


Champignons mushrooms 45%, sunflowers seeds oil, cream 13,5%, porcini mushrooms 7,5%, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese (milk) 4%, onion, salt, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, pepper, lactic acid, flavour. May  contain: eggs, crustacean shellfish, fish, tree nuts, soy.

Did you know

Mushrooms are good for your health. In particular, champignon mushrooms are rich in fiber and provide an excellent amount of vitamins B and D, and porcini mushrooms, thanks to their properties, are great for fighting flu and bad cholesterol.

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